Wet Thrills

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On June - 10 - 2010

Adam, Bill, BenBy:  Mary Jo Almeida-Shore

(photo credits: Peter Wyatt Richardson, Greg Minasian, Nick McGlynn, Shayna Bataya, Justin Namon/WorldRedEye.com)

 A year to the day of what has become known as “The Great Storm of 2009,” the one that flooded every street of South Beach, turned Venetian Causeway into a “Venetian causeway,” crippled businesses for weeks and wreaked havoc on the Fontainebleau, yes, that storm- a different yet powerful storm took over as Hotel Thrillist Miami came to town.  While this storm kept structural damage to a minimum, 200 Thrillist enthusiasts including media, tastemakers, Thrillist editors and their friends, and 12 lucky contest winners, enjoyed complimentary rooms, free meals, free cocktails compliments of Corona and Bacardi, and events, such as Saturday’s pool party with live DJs, Equinox-sponsored massages, and a chi chi rooftop dinner on Saturday night.

Friday evening, guests enjoyed poolside cocktails but were forced inside by the first storm of the weekend, resulting in an impromptu party on the terrace of Scarpetta. According to a Thrillist insider, “Someone may or may not have run out into the tropical storm wearing nothing but an aqua Speedo, and doing slip-and-slides in the mud.” Later that night a five-star feast was presented by Scarpetta, Hakkasan, Gotham Steak, and Solo, with musical entertainment by Angela Laino and Suenalo.  Evidently, the rhythms and/or cocktails were so intoxicating, even extremely self-conscious people left their seats to dance. Our source blames the band’s conch trumpet – “nothing stirs the passions like a conch trumpet!” The party continued at LIV with performances by DJ Soul, DJ Ruckus, and J. Cole, the up-and-coming North Carolina rapper who’s now part of Jay-Z’s J-Crew.  There are rumors of a 4 a.m. pool party but these are unconfirmed.

During the afternoon on Saturday, blue skies and sweltering weather gave way to a Spring Break-esque pool party, complete with extreme competition; a BBQ Showdown between Peter Vauthy of Red, The Steakhouse and John Suley of Gotham Steak and a Bizarre Bazaar, featuring discounted premium threads from Duncan Quinn, Unique Knits by Krel 2 Go, and custom jewelry creations by H.O.W.L. (Handle Only with Love).  House of Jackie Brown and Stunner of the Month were also on-hand to showcase their bathing suits and cool shades.

Anyone enjoying the cloudless day would have found it hard to believe that at this very hotel just one year ago, the “Great Storm” created an enormous, gaping hole in the ceiling outside of LIV shutting down all clubs and restaurants and turning the hotel into a virtual hurricane shelter.  Yet, almost on cue, around 7 p.m., after hundreds of revelers had been baking for hours, the skies opened and the deluge began, just in time for the Torched Miami rooftop party at RED, the Steakhouse.  Fortunately, the half-baked crowd didn’t seem to mind the rain and the party went on, featuring great food and performances by a DJs accompanied by a violinist and guitarist, Senor Stereo, Fire Dancers, Miami Heat Dancers, and Capoeira Dancers, who specialize in Lambada: The Forbidden Dance (remember that?!).  Because The Cure and probably several other bands said “it’s never enough”, RED partygoers were shuttled by Coastal Car buses back to the Fontainebleau, where reportedly “the greatest chicken fingers of all time” were served at Vida restaurant, (these folks can eat, huh?) and an impromptu pool party was fueled by Corona, Bacardi Torched Cherry, and a few daring guests’ refusal to wait 30 minutes after eating before going for a swim. 

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