By: Maryanne Salvat

Guests joined Shiseido for a private cocktail party at Yacht Haven Grande Miami at Island Gardens. The celebration launched Shiseido’s entrance into the web3 space with a generative art collection launch during Miami Art Week. The brand showcased the innovations from Shiseido’s Future Solution LX collection ahead of the unveiling of the ‘Future Reflections’ digital artwork inspired by the collection. Top VIPS included, Dr. Muneeb ShahXandra and Yesjulz.

Alessio Rossi, Executive Vice President US Marketing at Shiseido, shared insights into the project, “For over 150 years, Shiseido has cultivated and supported art in all its forms. Our partnership with these visionary artists and Art Blocks Engine respects our rich heritage while embracing the evolving intersection of beauty and technology. ‘Future Reflections’ is not just a digital art collection; it’s a fusion of artistic ingenuity, innovation, and a shared vision.” 

Shiseido’s quest for high-quality and performance, whether through nutrient-rich ingredients or algorithmically guided generative art, reflects its commitment to excellence and digital innovation. 

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