The Singleton and Babish- a Delectable Partnership

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On March - 28 - 2023

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of this year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival was interviewing Andrew Rea, better known as Babish, who was on-hand  to create and serve signature The Singleton Scotch Whisky cocktails and to enthrall guests with his charming personality. Andrew’s  Babish Culinary Universe teamed up with Singleton to bring delicious bites and signature cocktails to the Grand Tasting Village on both days of festival weekend. 

The wildly popular YouTube sensation, whom we’ve previously only seen from the shoulders down, shared his take on trends in food and drink, his fusion of pop and his perspectives on the future of culinary content creation.

Check out these recipes so that you too may “Binge with Babish” at home and enjoy our interview with Andrew below.


Singleton Mai Tai:


1.5 oz The Singleton

1 oz Fresh Blood Orange Juice

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

0.75 oz Orgeat

4 dashes Tiki Bitters


Combine all ingredients into ice filled shaker.

Shake well until chilled and strain into ice-filled Collins glass.

Garnish with dried blood orange slice.

Singleton Mojito:


1.5 oz The Singleton

.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice

5-6 Fresh Mint Leaves

.5 oz simple syrup

Fresh Mint Garnish


Add all ingredients into shaker and muddle the mint.

Add ice and shake until chilled.

Strain into a Collins or rocks glass.

Garnish with fresh mint sprig


Big Kahuna Burger:


1 red onion, sliced into rings

2 tbsp butter, divided

3 thin pineapple slices

1 tbsp vegetable oil

4 oz ground beef, divided into two balls

2 slices Monterey jack cheese

King’s Hawaiian roll, toasted in butter

½ tbsp ketchup

½ tbsp teriyaki sauce


In a sauté pan, heat 1 tbsp butter until foaming, and add red onion.

Cook slowly, over low heat, tossing constantly, until soft and caramelized.

Set aside.

Wipe sauté pan, and heat remaining tablespoon of butter  until sizzling. Add pineapple slices, and sauté until lightly charred on both sides.

Set aside.

In a large cast iron skillet, heat vegetable oil over high heat, until smoking.

Place beef balls several inches apart in skillet, and smash down using a large flat spatula

Cook for approx. 60 seconds, until the bottom is charred and crispy.

Flip, and immediately top with cheese.

Remove from heat, but leave burgers in the pan while you assemble, to make the cheese melt completely.

Dress bun with ketchup and teriyaki sauce, top with burgers, caramelized onions, and pineapple.


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