Dreaming on the Beach with Phil and Orianne Collins

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On May - 24 - 2016

003-LDF-DreamingOnBeach2016By: Dr. Mary Jo Almeida Shore

Co-founders of the Little Dreams Foundation, Phil and Orianne Collins, celebrated the foundation’s third annual Keep Dreaming: Brunch on the Beach at the hottest hotel of the moment, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

The event began at 11 a.m. with a cocktail reception in the newly opened Faena Theater and featured a silent auction and special performances from the 2016 Little Dreamers and WYK featuring Phil and Orianne’s son, Nicholas Collins, on the drums. Afterwards, guests dined at PAO by Paul Qui, helmed by the James Beard foundation award-winning chef, for a decedent three-course meal.

Phil Collins arrived promptly at 11 and was extremely warm and friendly. He wore a brown corduroy baseball cap, plaid shirt and jeans and walked with a cane (as a result of back surgery).

It was a family affair as Little Dreams Foundation co-founder, ex-wife, Orianne Collins (with whom he recently 013-LDF-DreamingOnBeach2016reunited), joined him along with sons, Matthew, 11 and Nicholas, 15.

From the moment he arrived, Phil Collins joked and chatted with reporters and mingled with guests.

When asked how things are different for him now that he and Orianne are back together after an eight year separation, Phil asked, “With whom?” and laughed. He went on to explain, that he’s thrilled because he gets to be with his kids all the time. “It’s lovely, you know, I’m with my kids again, I can be there. Nicholas is 15. He turned 15 in April. Matthew is 11. I’m important in their lives.”

For him to come together for this event, with Orianne, meant so much. At first, he joked, “Which organization is that?” Then explained, “It’s something we’ve been doing for 16 years now. That’s a long time. There’s a lot of talented kids out there who have big dreams, but in their parents’ finances, their dreams, are not in the budget. We want to make those kids’ dreams a reality.”

When asked if a wedding is in the plans, he quickly replied, “No.” Then added “maybe or maybe not.”

Phil explained that he likes to take his son to soccer practice and to attend his games, that they are just normal parents. They spend a lot of time together as a family. He said, “I’m not very good at going out- I’ve spent all of my life out and I like to stay in.” He laughed. “But Orianne tempts me and she always tries to get me out.” The couple sometimes goes to Nobu for dinner.

Phil also shared that he still has his original drums from Genesis and that his sons are allowed to play them.

032-LDF-DreamingOnBeach2016About their future plans together, Orianne, mentioned the June 11 musical edition of the Little Dreams Foundation at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and next Year’s gala on March 11. She was dressed in black pants, a black top and black leather jacket by Dolce and Gabbana, with jewelry by Orianne.

From 12-1 p.m., the crowd of 100 gathered in Faena’s opulent theater completely awash in floor to ceiling red at noon, beneath the brilliant lights of the enormous, one of a kind chandelier- the focal point of the room.

Phil Collins sat in a front row, table, sipping tonic water as Orianne served as emcee, welcoming everyone and thanking Faena’s Ximena Caminos, TARA, Ink. and the Little Dream Foundation staff. Orianne also introduced and thanked “Mr. Phil Collins” then invited the Dreamers to perform. Orianne expressed that the goal of the foundation is to “help children to thrive in their talents and to support them financially.”

The Dreamers performed, “You Raise me Up” as a group and then individual perfomers sang, “I Have Nothing,” “Tell Him,” and “4-5 seconds.”

Dreamers, Jadan and Omari performed an original song and there was an energetic performance of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Phil Collins looked on in delight and applauded loudly after each performance.

Lisa Mangioni one of the first little dreamers in the United States sang “The Climb” and all of the singers gathered to sing “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Phil and Orianne’s son Nicholas’ band closed the show. Orianne beamed proudly as she introduced them as the “band of the moment, What you Know- (WYK) with Nick Collins on the drums.

WYK performed original music heavy on the electric guitar and bass and especially the drums (read: lots of drum solos).

Nicholas clearly inherited dad’s flair for the drums, as his fills drew cheers from the crowd.

As WYK played, Phil looked on intently as he rubbed his chin, while Orianne delightedly took photos and video with her phone from backstage.

The band performed original song “The Perfect Trip,” Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Give it Away, Give it away, Give it Away Now” and closed with original song, “Freaky Lover”, which they described as “a little Prince and a little James Brown.

At 1 pm, guests made their way downstairs to the restaurant, Pao, for brunch and dined on Burrata, stone crabs, roasted chicken and key lime pie. Orianne sat with her son, Matthew, and friends in the main dining room. Son, Nick, sat with the band on the terrace.

The Little Dreams Foundation fulfills the dreams of young aspiring talent who don’t have the means to achieve their goals. The foundation supports young talent, either handicapped or not, within the music, art and sports arenas


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