Nature’s Way Bromeliads= a True Bro-mance

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On April - 7 - 2020

A wise person once said, “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” Up until the recent past, this applied most specifically to shoe shopping  However, being that most of the world is staying home, shopping has taken on a whole new meaning. Now, more than ever, we are focusing on our health and buying items that bring us happiness while supporting a healthy lifestyle and bettering the community. Fortunately, nurseries have been deemed an “essential business,” something we plant lovers have believed all along. 

Having a calm, peaceful mind is just as important as having a healthy body.  Studies show that just looking at a plant can help people feel more relaxed and creative. Nature’s Way Farms, a women-owned farm in South Florida encourages connecting feelings of well-being with cultivating tropical plants. Nature’s Way debuts their new plant collection to cultivate wellness. The collection includes outdoor garden bromeliads, blooming tropical plants, and shrubs that can turn landscapes into tropical retreats.

“Whether it’s practicing yoga, writing a journal, taking a run, gardening, or taking an art class, everyone should have their release – something you can turn to when you feel stressed or need to clear your mind,” says Marta Maria Garcia, Marketing Director for Nature’s Way Farms. “We hope those who choose gardening will find that our plants help them unwind, create, enjoy the sun and fresh air.”

Gardening can ignite the senses and helps provide solace and release during difficult times. Nature’s Way plant varieties like Jasmine and Gardenia are sure to delight the senses with their lovely fragrance. Art lovers and color seekers will enjoy the wayplants like Ixoras, Hibiscus, Mandevilla and Allamanda paint a picture with their vibrant blooms. And for those who seek some alone time, can create a garden oasis by adding hedges like clusia, podocarpus, and viburnum. 

The unique outdoor Garden Star Bromeliads will add bold colorthat’s out-of-this world to containers and gardens. These shade loving beauties are a wonderful solution for shady areas that are hard to landscape. They need little water and are easy to care for. Look for them in the Lowe’s Garden Centers throughout Florida. 

Nature’s Way Farms is located in Homestead, Florida and aspires to inspire those who are looking for quality time in nature and have supplied Garden Centers across the country with beautiful plants for more than 40 years. More than 700 varieties of plants are grown on 300 acres.  With a deep commitment to bettering the community, Nature’s Way also rescues, fosters and finds good homes for homeless dogs and cats.



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