Dave-and-BustersBy: Maryanne Salvat

Dave and Buster’s ‘Next Big Game’ Contest

“If you win the contest to create a new game, what could possibly be a better reward than free games for life at Dave & Buster’s?”

Kevin Bachus, senior vice president of Entertainment

Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, all legendary games that have been played and loved by millions; Now, in a ground-breaking competition, Dave & Buster’s is turning to its guests to continue that tradition of arcade game greatness by asking one simple question: what’s your big game idea? Dave & Buster’s has partnered with VH1, MTV and Comedy Central to launch a new contest in search of the ‘Next Big Game’.  As an industry leader in entertainment, Dave & Buster’s is taking games to the next level, by giving the public a chance to come up with the next legendary game concept. The contest is currently running until July 15, and is open to residents of the continental United States.  The winner will not only have the opportunity to have their winning game designed as a mobile app or featured as an arcade attraction in Dave & Buster’s nation-wide, but may also win free games for life. You can enter the contest online at http://www.NEXTGAME.cc.com.



cameoWin A Gucci Fiat 500 at Cameo

Every guest who visits hotspot Cameo during the month of July will receive a raffle ticket upon entry to win a Fiat 500 by Gucci. Cameo is in possession of one of the hottest cars on the road right now, the ultra-hot Fiat featuring those unforgettable red and green stripes, and one lucky visitor will drive away in it when the winner is announced on CameoMiami.com on Saturday, August 3. For more information visit the Cameo website or hit up Cameo Miami Beach.






pawnMidtown Pawn Boutique

On July 13, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., Midtown Miami officially welcomes Midtown Pawn Boutique, an upscale, revolutionary, Miami-style take on the traditional notion of “pawn.” According to Co-Founder Adriana Hernandez Jimenez, it’s like the Neiman Marcus of Pawn, the Mercedes-Benz of Pawn, the Tiffany’s of Pawn. The Boutique features a giant mural that takes up the entire front and side of the large brand-new building – one that took over 5 years to complete. The mural, created by Wynwood artist and girl-power darling, Diana Contreras (best known for “Sofia Rose”), will be unveiled at the grand opening. The subject of the mural might seem an odd choice for a pawn shop, until Hernandez tells the story behind it. It is inspired by Queen Isabella, who, as legend has it, pawned the crown jewels of Spain to fund Christopher Columbus’ speculative voyage to “India,” an investment so successful that it lifted her kingdom out of a crippling debt that almost ruined it.Guests are encouraged to “Bring An Asset” to the party and have it appraised – an Antiques Roadshow-inspired way for guests to jump in and learn firsthand what their often-overlooked possessions are worth. Valuation Specialists from a variety of fields, from art and jewelry to antiques and handbags, and everything in between, will be onsite educating guests on “the story of their stuff.” During the event, donations will be gratefully accepted to benefit Dr. Gigi’s Raise Me Up Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 that provides free recreational programs, family support services and therapeutic programs to children with special needs in the South Florida Community.