Body and Soul

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On April - 25 - 2012

Carolina & Alex Pirez

By:  Mary Jo Almeida-Shore 

Despite the unseasonable dip in temperatures this week (way down to 80°) there’s no doubt that summer is rapidly approaching.  It seems everywhere we turn locals are engaged in some sort of exercise regimen. So what better time to re-launch one of Miami’s favorite gyms, Body & Soul, the co-ed health and training facility located in Coral Gables? In honor of the re-launch, new owners, Carolina and Alex Pirez hosted a huge bash on the rooftop of the gym on the evening of Tuesday April 17, drawing notable guests including:  Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D band mate Shae Haley, singer/songwriter Cris Cab, Jorge Posada of the NY Yankees, Santana Moss wide receiver for the Washington Redskins and Oscar Feldenkreis, President and COO of Perry Ellis International, who along with 500 guests enjoyed a live DJ set by Miami favorite, DJ Ross One. Keeping guests focused on their physiques, Voli light cocktails provided lo-cal drinks and, The Dome Restaurant and Caviar Bar, one of our favorite restaurants in Miracle Mile provided delicious yet healthy hors d’oeuvres.  Party guests were entertained by a fire dancer and a flash mob choreographed by one of Body & Soul’s most popular instructors, Jay Marcos.


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The Art of Design

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On February - 10 - 2012


Charles Cohen, Erick Winnick, Joe Fava, Henry Richardson, A Keith Powell, Donanne Ramos, Franco Planegonda, Jennifer Post, Kiran Shiva Akal, DJ Hay, Clodagh, Chad Oppenheim, Iran Issa Kahn, & Alison Antrobus

By:   Mary Jo Almeida-Shore 

Innovations in design are just causes for celebration- at the forefront of these are the designers themselves.  Over the course of the past few weeks, we have crisscrossed Miami to fete great designers- from the traditional sense of the word, such as those spotlighted at the Stars of Design Awards at DCOTA; to masters at the art of designing a great deal- such as at the Gilt Insider’s event; to Breguet’s breakthroughs in watch making.  We were fortunate to raise a glass among those who make this town prettier, more stylish, more comfortable and overall a much more enjoyable place to live.  

DCOTA’s Stars of Design Awards 

On Wednesday, February 1, the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA) and Charles S. Cohen, Owner, CEO and President of Cohen Brothers Realty, hosted the Sixth Annual Stars of Design Awards, to highlight the work of some of the design industry’s leading professionals. For the first time, five young designers were recognized as “Stars on the Rise” for having already made a significant mark in the design world.  Read the rest of this entry »

Market America Lights up the AAA

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On February - 11 - 2011
R Ridinger, President & CEO of Market America

JR Ridinger, President and CEO of Market America

In a motivating and captivating presentation, which included Lion Dancers, celebrity performances and fireworks, Market America’s founders, JR and Loren Ridinger detailed the company’s recent acquisition of SHOP.COM ( before 22,000 enthusiastic attendees at Market America’s  World Conference on February 3- which coincided with the Chinese New Year (ergo the Lion Dancers) . 

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Make a Wish Ball-Intercontinental Miami

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On November - 14 - 2010


Make a Wish Ball-Miami Socialholic


Eva Longoria and Market America Rev Up the Engines

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On November - 26 - 2009

Ride Eva, Ride…

Eva Longoria ParkerEveryone’s favorite (not-so-desperate) “Housewife,” Eva Longoria Parker, alongside BFFs, J.R. and Loren Ridinger, joined forces with 20 other celebs, to chair the first Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup in Miami to benefit the Jackson Memorial Foundation, International Kids Fund (IKF) and Holtz Children’s Hospital. Kind of like an Amazing Race on steroids, the Rally events began on Friday night, at the “Qualifiers” Celebrity Draft Party, at the Ridingers’ North Bay Road manse, where each driver drafted his/her Celebrity Navigator. J.R. Ridinger, whose Market America team raised the highest amount, over $125, 000, drafted Longoria Parker. After brunch on Saturday, Loren Ridinger waved the checkered flag to signal the start of the race, which would include a total of 7 pit stops throughout Miami. Each team was required to find and solve a clue in order to determine the location of the subsequent stop. The race was extremely competitive. Team Market America even set up a control center with computers where Loren helped find answers for trivia questions while J. R. and Longoria Parker figured out the pit stop locations. When asked about their favorite pit stops, J.R. and Longoria Parker conveyed to Miami Socialholic that their favorite was the comedy stop at Blue Martini, where they had to perform a timed, impromptu comedy act together. They said they were completely put on the spot but loved it, especially since they were the only team to receive a ten from each of the three judges. A close runner up involved a jet-ski race out on the ocean where they had to find a hidden flag on the buoy that held the clue to the next location. They won this stop also, beating the other teams by finding the flag in just 2 minutes and 66 seconds! The consensus among all team members was that the most touching pit stop was at Jackson Memorial’s Holtz Children’s Hospital, during which the contestants interacted with the children, who created paintings of each team.

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Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On November - 12 - 2009

Imagine there’s a Heaven, it’s easy if you try

The Annual InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball brings a little taste of Heaven to those who need it most. At Saturday’s ball, where “Imagine” was the theme, the beautiful, 16 year old Marina Diez, gave a poignant speech, detailing the thrill of having her wish to go to Wimbledon fulfilled and explained what having a wish granted means to a sick child.

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