Franco Pianegonda’s Veritas 2012 Collection

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On June - 21 - 2012

Italian Jewelry Designer Franco Pianegonda

Bold looks and beautiful design, define Franco Pianegonda’s Veritas 2012 Collection: which translates the designer’s passion for uniquely crafted pieces made for the confident and independent woman (and man, of course). Franco Pianegonda’s jewelry encourages women to “vivid su espiritu salvaje” or to live life freely encompassing life with all it has offer.

His designs speak to a woman’s personality and independent thinking. During our interview with Mr. Pianegonda he mentioned that “an engagement ring tells of your value- my pieces show your personality.” He also described the mentality of men-who buy jewelry for its value- versus the jewelry women buy for themselves, which in turn reflects their personalities. 

 Hailing from Vicenza, Italy, Pianegonda’s artistic influence is personified in his creations; combining the antique traditions of Italian goldsmiths with current fashionable styles, each personalized piece is sure to make a statement.

The charming Pianegonda went on to say that evoking happiness and emotions through his jewelry is what inspires him to create his masterpieces. The Veritas 2012 Collection incorporates sterling silver and gorgeous stones including: citrine, topaz, and quartz creating a line where beauty and high quality are both combined at an affordable value.  Franco Pianegonda’s creations can be found at his boutique in Aventura Mall or at