Posted by Maryanne Salvat On June - 17 - 2009

Argentina’s Fuerza Bruta, a multi-sensory Cirque du Soleil-style show (minus the annoying clowns) has taken Miami by storm, after rave reviews in other cities, such as New York and London.  Now it’s our turn to be entranced and literally drenched, by the “erotic, hypnotic, aquatic” party.  The experience can be compared to being in a Brazilian nightclub, whichcopyoffuerz1 just happens to be inside of an insane asylum and includes a fun house and gigantic, transparent pool on the ceiling.  The mental patients, we mean, performers, bigger on brute strength and bravado than on actual talent, engage in a series of physical challenges, including:  aquatic acrobatics in a clear, plastic, pool suspended above the heads of the audience; running on a conveyor belt while brick walls crash into them; and dancing atop rafters, while breaking stuff on one another’s heads, to name a few.  If you go, be aware of the fact that you will enter the Arsht Center through the service entrance, and must remain standing for the 60 minute show. Oh yes, and you will be exposed to lots of splashing, debris, uncontrollable dancing and one-of-a-kind experiences. So go prepared!  The website for the show actually lists several “things you should know before you go,” to which we would add that being at least a little buzzed would greatly enhance your experience.  Consider spending time at the G- Lounge prior to the show.  Conceived by Barton G, who knows that a surreal performance deserves a surreal pre and post party space, G Lounge is an enormous cinderblock and chrome fan-lined warehouse which is the official pre- and post-party for the show. G- Lounge’s vibe parallels the futuristic intensity of Fuerza Bruta’s flying dancers and experimental beats and features space-age cocktails, signature bites, hypnotic lights and Euro-dance music to keep you dancing long after the show.    Fuerza Bruta and the G Lounge experiences end July 5.  For more information, contact: Arsht Center for the Performing Arts,  (305) 949-6722 or arshtcenter.org.