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FACUNDO Rum Collection

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On November - 30 - 2016

facundoThe FACUNDO™ Rum Collection is the first luxury collection of four of the most exquisite, extraordinary hand-blended sipping rums from Bacardi. Sipping rum is a Bacardi family tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Now connoisseurs everywhere can share in this revered tradition as rum is elevated to an art form.

The FACUNDO Rum Collection is a limited release of four rare blends of the finest aged sipping rums, sourced from the Bacardi family’s private rum reserves. The four-bottle Collection was designed to be sipped in a progression of occasions, each to suit various moments of celebration and reflection, making it the optimal choice for the holiday season.

FACUNDO NEO is a sheer blonde rum aged up to 8 years. Once blended the rum is filtered over activated carbon to remove any color.  FACUNDO EXIMO is a blend of medium to heavy bodied dark rums aged in fine oak barrels. EXIMO is the only marque of the FACUNDO Rum Collection to be blended before aging.  FACUNDO EXQUISITO marries younger rums aged seven years with matured rums aged 23 years aged in oak barrels and finished in sherry casks. After the aging process, the rums are blended, transferred and stored in sherry casks to rest for a minimum of one month, further enhancing the smoothness and silkiness. Lastly, FACUNDO PARAISO is a blend of dark rums aged up to 23 years that is filtered over activated carbon and then rested in French (XO) casks for a minimum of one month, creating the ultimate sipping experience.

Gift this impressive, high-end Collection to a loved one this holiday season, or break out the ice spheres, rocks glasses or snifters to unwind with the FAUNDO Rum Collection during the most heart-warming time of year. The perfect after-dinner or dessert companion, the Collection will not only enthuse your guests, but also your taste buds.

vizcayaVizcaya Museum and Gardens will kick off its 100-year anniversary at its annual gala, which is the official Centennial Gala in 2016. This event will support fundraising for the iconic 1900s home of James Deering and ignite a year of Centennial activities.          

  • Night lights on parade: Invitees will enjoy the Processional Arts Presentation of Illuminated Lanterns, an immersive performance meandering throughout the main house and gardens at 8 p.m.
  • Sweet Sounds: Music by the Frost School of Music, including the Henry Mancini Institute, the Frost Studio Band and the departments of Vocal and Instrumental Performance.
  • Additional photo opportunities with Miami leaders and event chairs Barbara Hevia, Cathy L. Jones and Christina Martin. Official Proclamation on display from Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez.



  • The Centennial celebration marks a new era for Vizcaya, as it embarks on a master plan to make it more accessible and enjoyable for the entire community. Plans for the Vizcaya Village will provide new ways to experience the celebrated Miami icon, by restoring several historic buildings that were once part of the original property and creating more open space to accommodate additional inventive exhibitions and community outreach programs.
  • Proceeds benefit the protection and preservation of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.


WHEN:           Saturday, November 19, 2016


WHERE:         Vizcaya Museum and Gardens



Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a National Historic Landmark that preserves the Miami estate of agricultural industrialist James Deering to engage our community and its visitors in learning through the arts, history and the environment. Built between 1914 and 1922, Vizcaya is one of the most intact remaining examples from this era in United States history, when the nation’s most successful entrepreneurs built lavish estates inspired by the stately homes of Europe.

Vizcaya features a Main House, 10 acres of formal gardens, a rockland hammock (native forest), mangrove shore, the Vizcaya Café and Shop presented by A Joy Wallace Catering, Design and Special Events, and a historic village that will be restored for additional venues for programs and community outreach. Located at 3251 South Miami Avenue, between Brickell Avenue and Coconut Grove, Vizcaya is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except Tuesdays, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. For more information, visit, connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or call 305-250-9133.


 best-buddies-logoBest Buddies International, a groundbreaking nonprofit that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), is pleased to announce its 20th Annual Best Buddies Miami Gala at Ice Palace Studios in Wynwood on Friday, November 18. 

The 20th Annual Best Buddies Miami Gala is a spectacular event with hundreds of prominent locals and international guests gathering to celebrate Best Buddies’ mission. This year’s Best Buddies Miami Gala theme is Rock Legends! Time and time again, rock legends have proven themselves as agents of social change, much like Best Buddies.

As a result of phenomenal support from generous sponsors and donors, Best Buddies is able to extend its reach globally, and will continue to develop its presence through our eight formal programs— Best Buddies Ambassadors, Citizens, Colleges, e-Buddies®, High Schools, Jobs, Middle Schools and Promoters—across the United States and in over 50 countries. This support will allow Best Buddies to impact the lives of individuals as diverse as the many different genres of music. During the Gala, guests will enjoy a gourmet dinner, partake in a top-notch auction and witness dazzling entertainment. Proceeds from the Gala will enable Best Buddies to continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on a global scale.


Raves: BiGR Audio and FACE Atelier

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On October - 11 - 2016

home_logoBiGR Audio

BiGR Audio has a line of headphones that are not only incredibly stylish, but are environmentally friendly. The fashionable headwear uses bamboo, and offers licensed brands, such as MLB, Bruce Lee, Rolling Stone Magazine, collegiate teams, and more. They also offer the Wristboom, which is a Bluetooth watch-style speaker that comes in seven colors and gives people the ability to listen to their favorite music as they bicycle, run, or swim. The device is water resistant, lightweight, has a battery life of 4-6 hours, and allows for hands-free phone calls. For more information on BiGR Audio, visit the site at:


faceFACE Atelier

An innovator in the cosmetics industry, FACE atelier offers versatile, age and race neutral cosmetics that enjoys a cult-like following among beauty industry professionals, celebrities, and consumers worldwide due to their superior performance and versatility. This fall, keep your lips soft and sexy with the ultimate three-step fall lip kit by FACE atelier; Lip Putty: Velvety smooth ultimate lip primer that employs essential oils and vitamins to repair chapped, dry lips while filling in fine lines and wrinkles, eliminating feathering once color is applied; Lipstick: The high pigment levels in performance lipsticks ensure long-lasting coverage in matte, satin, and metallic finishes; Lip Lock: Aptly-named, Lip Lock – a favorite of bridal makeup artists – is a clear, shellac-like gloss that locks lip color in place without affecting its shade. It has become the preferred cosmetic line for several celebrities including Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, and a staple on television shows including The Blacklist, New Girl, Criminal Minds and Orange is the New Black, as well as news networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.


Stemmari Wines Paired All Year Round

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On October - 4 - 2016

stemmariOver the centuries, Sicilians have become adept at coping with intense heat during the summer months when the average temperature is in the 90°Fs. As we also deal with hot, humid weather all year round in South Florida, we can adopt the Sicilian habits of eating healthy dishes and drinking crisp, refreshing wines to beat the heat.

Stemmari, one of the leading sustainable wine producers from Sicily, has created wines that pair well with traditional Sicilian summer dishes, making the saying “if it grows together, it goes together” truer than ever.

Below are a few great pairings to help us all mimic the Sicilian summer lifestyle.

  • The Stemmari Baci Vivaci ($14) is the perfect wine for adding bubbles to beachside weekends in Sicily or anywhere. This sparkling wine is made from the indigenous white varietal Grillo, a Chardonnay-esque varietal that is able to withstand the hot Sicilian summers. Baci Vivaci shows the grape’s profile to be fruit forward, floral, and well structured. Fried foods, such as the traditional Sicilian fritters called panellas, are balanced out by the wine’s refreshing minerality and acidity. Panellas are made from chickpea flour and are a popular street food, particularly in Palermo, the capital of Sicily.
  • One of the most prominent summer dishes is the sweet and sour eggplant dish caponata. The dish can be served warm, but chilled is popular to help cool down in the summer. The dish pairs excellently with the unique Stemmari Rosé ($10) which is made from Sicily’s native red grape, Nero d’Avola. With the roundness of a red and the brightness of a white, this blush wine balances well with the acidity and earthiness of the dish.
  • The Stemmari Dalila ($18) is an expressive wine that captures the richness of Sicily in a bottle. Elegantly aromatic yet still tropical, a bit of honey and vanilla round out this delightful blend of Grillo and Viognier which makes it great with seafood dishes such as Sarde a beccafico. Sarde a beccafico (sardine rolls with pine nuts and raisins) is an old fisherman’s dish that uses sardines, one of the signature ingredients of Sicily.

Shine Bright this Fall with Clarins

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On October - 4 - 2016

bspot_boostersWe can’t rave enough about Clarins’ new products for fall! From the revitalizing boosters, to the luxurious eye shadows and mascara to the “make you feel like new” mask… Clarins is sure to bring out your inner beauty by making you shine bright on the outside!

Clarins’ new Boosters come in three different formulas, giving your skin a tailor-made boost for an innovative beauty step. Just add 3-5 drops to your moisturizer, mask, serum, or foundation to recharge your skin. All boosters will be available for $39 at Clarins counters and on starting September 2016.


External aggressors (UV, cold temperatures, hard water, etc.) weaken the skin’s protective barrier, making it finer, more permeable and fragile. The Repair booster sooths and comforts, while visibly minimizing redness.


Due to the effects of late nights and a hectic lifestyle, metabolism slows down and skin runs out of energy, causing it to lose tone and appear dull. The Energy booster revives radiance and minimizes signs of fatigue


Environmental factors such as pollution and cigarette smoke causes the skin to accumulate toxins. This creates reduced radiance because the skin is congested and can no longer breathe. The Detox booster detoxifies and plumps, refreshing the skin’s complexi0n.

Clarins Fall 2016 Colour Collection is inspired by skincare and reveals the natural beauty of every woman. Underneath the color lies effective natural plant extracts that respect and care for your skin. New Extra-Firming Mask is the first tension release anti-aging mask to help smooth stress lines for visibly younger-looking, firmer, radiant skin – in just 10 minutes. Stress, fatigue, and a hectic lifestyle generate emotions that can have a negative impact on facial expressions. Repeated muscle contractions due to negative emotions are responsible for the accentuation of tension lines, creation of additional wrinkles and frown lines, dark circles and puffiness, and loss of radiance. Clarins Extra-Firming Mask is an aromatic cream-gel that smoothes the skin and sooths the senses for a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Key ingredients promote firming, smoothing, oxygenating, nourishing, and hydrating benefits. Extra-Firming Mask will be available for $75 at Clarins counters and on starting September 2016.

Raves: Aspire Eyewear

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On April - 20 - 2016

ASP_FASHIONABLE_BLACKROSEFADEAspire Eyewear is a new brand that offers a “barely there” fit and feel with optical and sunglasses frames that are lighter, thinner, stronger, and more pliable than anything previously launched in this

market. The brand is now carried in more than 2,000 independent retail optical locations and received the prestigious EyeVote Reader’s Choice Awards, sponsored by Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine. This style is Aspire Eyewear’s “Fashionable”–a forward cat eye frame boasts rich, two-tone fade colorations. Thin wire temples with complementary colored tips add irony to this style.  Available in black rose fade,burgundy nude fade, and eggplant aqua fade.