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Waking the Nation

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On January - 21 - 2009

Celebration at A Fish Called AvalonAs the dreamers woke the nation and made history on Tuesday, South Beach marked a milestone of its own and inaugurated a few new venues and ideas that echo our desire for change and reflect the collective hope ever-present in the week’s festivities in Washington and beyond.

Last Friday, A Fish Called Avalon celebrated its 20th anniversary with a South Beach reunion that was a cross between a sexy, swanky Latin nightclub and a 10th grade house party — and by “reunion” we mean everybody you’ve ever met. Ever. Read the rest of this entry »

Everybody Loves a Comeback

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On January - 15 - 2009

mickey-rourke-at-livAnd this town is no different. We gave up multiple afternoons on the beach to watch the Dolphins win game after game to ultimately earn the AFC East title; cheered on actor and Miami Beach fixture Mickey Rourke as he won the Golden Globe for The Wrestler, and have clocked more than our fair share of time at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, which, with its Nov. 14 grand reopening, introduced the world to its $1 billion rebirth.

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Stars, Bars, (and Dogs) Align for ‘09

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On January - 9 - 2009

“Bone Crusher, Grace and Michael Bay, not necessarily in that order. Photo by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore”

If you are reading this right now, congratulations! You have survived New Year’s. Now it’s time to start breaking all those silly resolutions you made in your drunken stupor. We found that while we were still in recovery from Art Basel, which was just a few weeks ago, New Year’s week dragged us out just about every night, with something fun and fabulous to do, testing our stamina, sanity and livers, and leaving us begging for more … more eye cream, more espresso and more Tylenol.

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Long LIV the King

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On December - 18 - 2008

Niki and Cindy Taylor“I used to rule the world — seas would rise when I gave the word” springs to mind. So begins Coldplay’s prolific “Viva La Vida,” a song that could have been written about any of the select “rulers” of South Beach past and present. Currently, there is new royal blood on the South Beach throne, in addition to the mainstays — Capponi, the Milons, Siervo, Seikaly, Edwards, Masri, Pooch, Roth, Guerra, Casares and a few others whose names you love to drop. Of course, I’m talking about Jeffrey Soffer, the new ruler of all things Fontainebleau.

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Some Enchanted Evening

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On November - 12 - 2008

The InterContinental Hotel was transformed into an enchanted forest for the14th Annual InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball, one of the premier and most well-attended events of the Kim Kardashian, The Forges Shareef Malnik, Richie Rich, HBO Entourage Star Adrien Greniersocial season.More than 900 A- listers were treated to a night of surprises from the moment they entered the hotel’s lobby, replete with mythical creatures including living tables, talking trees, centaurs, nymphs, and of course, little people, (the new requisite party props), think Narnia meets Neverland. Enormous butterflies of every color hung from the ceiling throughout the lobby and ballroom and there were even fairies swinging from bejeweled swings above the dance floor. Several of the well-heeled guests were surprised while waiting for delicacies from the lavish raw bar, for which this gala is known, to find that one of the columns of the surrounding gazebo, moved or tapped them on the shoulder. During the sumptuous dinner, the gracious and gorgeous reality television personality, Kim Kardashian, emceed the extravagant live auction, the most unusual items of which included a 2009 Aston Martin DBS, an Aspen home rental, a package of 10 Lasik procedures, and a walk-on role on the set of HBO’s Entourage. Charming and adorable cult favorite, Entourage star, Adrian Grenier capped off the gala with a musical performance by his band, The Honeybrothers.


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The Family Stone

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On July - 1 - 2008

stones1It was during a two-hour layover in a Dallas airport five years ago that Citrine by the Stones was born. Peruvian born designers Mary, Michelle and Joanne Stone were returning to Miami after a wedding when the fateful discussion occurred. “I was living in Paris, traveling throughout Europe and had come to the States for a wedding,” recounts Michelle. “My mom, Mary, and sister, Joanne, had been designing and creating jewelry at home for themselves and for friends. During the layover in Dallas, my mother suggested we start our own jewelry line. I said, ‘As soon as you have a few designs in place, give me a call and I’ll move back and join the team and head up the branding and marketing.’” Surely enough, the call came two months later, when Michelle was in Italy. Within a couple of weeks, she moved down and the trio got to work creating original, handmade pieces in the kitchen of their Miami home. “We started from our home, so you can really say we are organically grown,” says Michelle. “It helped that we all came from art and design backgrounds,” Joanne explains, “I studied design at UCLA and at L’Accademia Di Belle Arti di Bologna, in Italy; Michelle majored in design at Parsons/New School NY and Paris and also possessed branding and strategy experience; and our mother is a trained sculptor, painter and photographer.” The Stones share an intense passion for jewelry and its power to transform a woman, making her beautiful, sexy, delicate, elegant, or rebellious. “For this reason our collections change radically yet organically every season in step with life’s ever-changing energy and flow. They are echoes of our culture: classic, yet fashion-forward. The By the Stones woman is not afraid to be herself. She stands out in a crowd for her confidence, daringness, playfulness, generosity and femininity, she is authentic and generous.”

When asked about the origin of the brand name, Read the rest of this entry »