Platea: Miami’s First Prime Peruvian Steakhouse

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On February - 17 - 2023

By: Dr. Mary Jo Almeida-Shore

Wunderkind chef/owner Fernando Salazar and lifelong friend-turned-business-partner, Andres Marmolejos recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of wildly successful Prime Peruvian Steakhouse, Platea Miami, the first of its kind in Miami. The talented pair parlayed a background in butchery into a unique take on the traditional steakhouse by sourcing only the highest quality USDA Prime beef, and incorporating distinctive Peruvian flavors, ingredients, and techniques into every dish on the menu.

The restaurant is sleek and welcoming, elegant yet family-friendly. The interior is dimly lit and features jewel tones, velvet and leather seating, and a living wall inspired by Chef Salazar’s home, alongside an open kitchen.

The menu boasts classic offerings with a Peruvian spin such as Fried Ceviche with hake, jalea crust, aji amarillo, creamy leche de tigre; Seared Scallops, aji amarillo, chalaquita; and fried choclo. Starters on the menu feature flavor-packed openers like Aji De Gallina Bites with dehydrated botija olives – a delicious take on classic croquetas; Tostones with Wagyu picanha saltado, aji amarillo topped with salsa criolla.

But the beef steals the show! Meat lovers can relish in the exceptional Prime graded selections including USDA Prime Filet Mignon, USDA Prime Porterhouse, and USDA Prime Dino-Rib (which would give Fred Flintstone pause). Each is prepared with an intricate technique incorporating Peruvian Ají Panca, the foundation for the marinade which in turn seasons the salt that becomes the rub for the meat.

Seafood offerings such as Stuffed Galapagos Lobster, King Crab, and Sea Bass are flown in daily. Vegetarians have a full selection of menu items from which to choose, as well.

We had the opportunity to chat with Chef Salazar who shared that after attending MIT, he worked as a profiler for Homeland Security, then went on to study at Le Cordon Bleu. Salazar lead and managed various restaurants at the corporate level including Darwin’s on 4th, Pisco Y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar, Dr. Limon, Bulla Gastrobar, and Ceviche 105, before opening Platea (all by the age of 29). We were so impressed with Platea and with Salazar’s talent and dynamic personality that we were urged to find out more about his upbringing, techniques, vision, and future plans.

What is your background? What made you decide to become a chef/restauranteur?

I was born in Lima, Peru. My family immigrated to the US over 35 years ago and settled here in Miami. I personally grew up in the Kendall area and have seen how big, fun and exciting Miami has become. As I got older, the concerns about amassing school debt and responsibilities made the idea of having my own restaurant, where I could enjoy “free” food and meet all types of people was a sweet thought! That, coupled with my grandmother’s exquisite home cooking, the influence of my dear mentor Carlos Brescia (who taught me much of what I now know), along with my luck of having the best business partner, Andres Marmolejos, ended up mixing to become a perfect recipe for the crazy idea of transitioning from cook to restauranteur.

You mentioned that you have had an interesting path leading up to the opening of Platea-tell us more.

For both Andres and me, Platea has been a personal project/ experience crafted from one of the hardest and lowest times of our lives: when we were uncertain what could happen during and after the Covid pandemic. We had to count our blessings and restart, but we had an amazing group of people who supported us and gave us a chance to grow different sides of our business and to enhance our original idea into what is now Platea.

What was your vision in creating Platea?

Platea is meant to be a rebel, with our take on steaks, techniques, pricing, and service- not only in Pinecrest but also for Miami. I say this because we don’t standardize anything, we are constantly getting into creative trouble as we try to discover better ways of enhancing the overall dining experience: from eating to drinking to providing the best service to all of our guests. I believe this soul and commitment to always be great drives our guests near and far to come and feel the passion that is put forth in every dish. Platea is a version of both of our homes, our energy and hospitality in raw form. It is an American Prime Steakhouse with all types of Peruvian ingredients and techniques that enhance the experience to make us unlike any other concept I’ve seen. Great steaks and ceviche? Sign me up!

Tell me about your unique preparation for the steaks and Dino Rib.

Our preparation is super labor intensive. Our Panca peppers are a type of sun-dried peppers that come from Peru. We need to cut each one individually to remove all the seeds then hydrate the peppers in water for 24 hours. After that, we add Pisco, cumin, oregano, soy sauce and other herbs and spices in order to make what our guests call “Peruvian BBQ Sauce” even though this particular marinade is actually savory and mild instead of sweet and tangy. Our Dino rib is also cooked in a sous-vide with the Panca marinade. We sear a huge short rib in super high heat in our grill, marinating it so it absorbs the flavors and smoke created by the fire and Panca. From there, we cook it slowly for 48 hours to create a perfect tender rib.

What is your favorite dish to cook/eat?

Personally I am a steak and ceviche lover. I try to eat as much meat as possible while being health conscious: an important discipline, especially because I am surrounded by so much food and encounter stress on a daily basis. My favorite dish to make would be ceviche out of any vegetables including Brussels sprouts, fish or seafood, depending on what I am in the mood for. But for sure, regardless of what the protein is, it will always be spicy.

How are you and your friend/partner Andres Marmolejos able to offer Prime beef at reasonable prices? Tell us about the butcher shop.

Andres’ family established a butcher shop located in Homestead over 30 years ago. The fruits of their hard work and vision have allowed them to grow Meat Giant into a retail and wholesale family affair. At Platea, we eliminate the middleman and deal directly with the best meat companies in the USA. Therefore, we can provide our guests the rare opportunity to taste Peruvian ingredients made from scratch and enable them to get the best Prime beef and pricing based on current market demands.

What sets Platea apart from the other steakhouses in Miami?

Two factors: one being that we are the one and only 100% Prime Peruvian Steakhouse and Ceviche Bar experience. Secondly, our pricing is based on service and quality. We are not cheap, and we aren’t the most expensive; we are fair. Our steak pricing is below the norm for the quality and ingredients we use in every dish. We adjust pricing based on market costs and offer amazing steaks and dishes for every budget.

What keeps customers coming back?

I think it’s a mix of our service and quality. It is hard to come by and enjoy a well-rounded experience, especially in a city that is as dynamic as Miami. We stand out by offering impeccable service and the highest quality of steaks on the market, complimented by superb ingredients that we import and make in our kitchen from scratch on a daily basis.

What are your plans for the future of Platea?

We are looking forward to expanding slowly. We aren’t in a rush because we have an
an amazing number of guests and an even better team as our backbone, and we plan to honor them by not compromising service and quality as we grow. We have made it clear that we will not expand within Miami; we want to make sure Platea is a destination. Who knows? Maybe another large city like Miami in another state or even international – but we do know we won’t rush it; our baby is established here in Miami.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Take advantage of our weekly offerings, we truly craft them to be the best weekly experiences in Miami. We do a lot of research and development and try to bring all that magic we discover from near and far, every night from our kitchen to your table with the best we can offer, which is great food and service on a personal level.

Weeknight specials include: Tomahawk Tuesday, a three course dinner for two that boasts a top-of-the-line 64 ounce USDA Prime tomahawk steak for $150 offered with a signature salad, side dish, and dessert. With a limited quantity available, the special sells out weekly; Vineyard Wednesdays offers 25% to 50% off on select wines by the bottle and $3 oysters; and on Thursdays, guests are invited to enjoy live music accompanied by a curated selection of steaks.

Platea Miami is located in the Village of Pinecrest at 12175 South Dixie Highway. Reservations can be made via, by email at, by phone at 305.964.5108 or through OpenTable. Complimentary parking is available onsite. For delivery and takeout options, visit Hours of operation are Tuesday through Sunday from 6PM to 10PM. Visit or follow via Instagram @plateamiami for more information.

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