Argentine Artist Alejandra Zimmerli Takes Root in Miami

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On May - 9 - 2020

It’s no surprise that plants have become more popular than ever and it follows suit that every plant deserves its own special pot. To that end, Miami-based artist, Alejandra Zimmerli, creates beautiful pots in which to display all of your favorite plants and add a bit of colorful flair to a porch, shelf or windowsill. 

Born in Argentina Zimmerli comes from an art background, as her Brazilian-German mother used to teach art in primary school, and her Swiss-Ostraicher father would recycle items and art supplies.  When she was two years old, Zimmerli and her parents moved from Argentina to Switzerland where she began drawing and painting. Even she recognizes she had talent way back then!

The family moved back to Argentina when Zimmerli was nine years old. There, she began taking art courses. She finished high school when she was eighteen and moved back to Switzerland by herself. She was the first person to get a scholarship at the “F+F” School for Art and Media Design. Three years later, she returned again to Argentina to study art and media-design. Zimmerli worked from home teaching private art classes to students from as young as four years old, introducing them to their first steps into painting.

Zimmerli then moved to Miami and has been here for over five years. Her planter/garden pots business started when her baby was born, as did her love for plants and gardening. She admits her mother was a “garden freak,” but she never understood why, until now. Zimmerli’s favorite plants are succulents, cacti and sansiverians, especially the new kind that are variegated .

“I started everything white, and then began to add colors to my pots. Some customers helped me by giving me challenges, which is what I love, so I started creating my own cement pottery and, of course, painting them also. I like working like this; it lets me be at home with my loved ones, and I like working outside and enjoying the outdoors with my little one.”

Zimmerli selects what she’s going to paint on her pots depending on her mood. Sometimes it’s just thinking of something she likes. Other times she paints her designs because a customer has requested something specific.

Her popular “Frida (Khalo)” pots started because a customer wanted two and as soon as she finished making them, a few people saw them and had to have them as well. The popular pots are among her best sellers.  She made only small sizes at the beginning, but now she’s creating  bigger sizes at customers’ requests.

“I love all of my pots,” Zimmerli says. “I love the ones I do in concrete.  And I love the ones I paint. They all have something special.”

Zimmerli is happy with her small company. But if requests keep coming in, she is looking forward to the company growing and hiring employees to help prepare the concrete, pour the molds, and sand them. As for the painting, she will keep that lovely task for herself.

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