Barton G. The Restaurant – Now THAT’s “Dinnertainement”

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On May - 2 - 2018

By:  Dr. Mary Jo Almeida-Shore

Thrill seekers no longer need to jump out of a plane, scale Mount Everest or go for a dive among Great Whites to push the boundaries of their imaginations and achieve that adrenaline rush.  A simple visit to Barton G. The Restaurant will provide all of the adventure that one can fathom – and then some. Barton G. is the Cirque de Soleil meets Ultra Music Festival meets the Indy 500 of the dining world- with the quality and flavors of a Michelin-Starred restaurant.

It’s no surprise that renowned restaurateur and special event impresario, Barton G. Weiss, creator of the extraordinary Barton  G. The Restaurants is the trendsetter in his field.  Creator of the liquid nitrogen cocktail and #foodporn, Barton is continuously looking for new ideas that are 100% original. “I live to create shockingly delicious and awe-inspiring dining and event experiences. Every day is a celebration.”

It’s also no accident-as this magic happens scientifically, thanks to an on-site engineer who helps with the development and execution of the outrageous dishes.

Guests are treated to a multi-sensory experience where they interact with fellow diners as collective gasps and Instagram moments are shared each time an over-the-top dish ceremoniously comes out of the kitchen.  

To ensure the dishes themselves are as exquisite as the original installations on which they arrive, Barton calls upon the mastery of Oprah favorite/ Starchefs Rising Star Award and Six Star Diamond Award winner, Corporate Chef and Culinary Director Jeff O’Neill, whose culinary pedigree includes working as chef with Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin, Daniel Boulud at Restaurant Daniel and Charlie Palmer at Aureole among other formidable accomplishments. O’Neill and his exceptional team of chefs know there are no limits at Barton G and they can create, design and bring to life anything they and Barton can imagine while ensuring each dish is also over the top delicious and most of all, FUN!

This season, Barton has unveiled his new and most creative menu taking his signature “Dinnertainment” to the next level.  Already known for grandeur, the restaurant recently unveiled a number of spectacular new dishes and experiences, that will awe and delight patrons of all ages. Barton and his hand selected team of designers and craftsmen worked diligently over several months to create this season’s culinary stage and continue to push the envelope on experiential dining.

 New menu items now available at both the Miami and Los Angeles locations, include, Cocktails & Crudités, an elfin garden of chilled seafood, caviars and creme fraiche, with golden tomato-vodka cocktail accompanying crudités, slow roasted roots, and edible soils, with sweet gorgonzola dip; or Don’t Be a Jerk Chicken a whole (served in a cage with a surprise video) roasted jerk marinated chicken with green cabbage, carrots, and tangy orange rum glaze, accompanied by avocado puree and Jamaican callaloo fritters; and The Lawn Moo-er, a 48 oz. Grass fed porterhouse steak served with leafy green and wheatgrass gratin, buttermilk whipped Yukon potatoes, tempura sweet onion, and peppered natural jus, a top an actual lawnmower sitting on a plot of grass.

Additional new menu items include Bartholomew’s Feast which features a whole roasted suckling pig roasted to perfection with all the trimmings and Miss Thai-Gone featuring golden friend local napper and tempura vegetables, flash marinated kimchi bok choy, pad thai noodle salad with fried egg and finished with a scented curry broth. Barton G menu classics like the Lobster Pop-Tarts, flakey phyllo stuffed with lobster and fontina Mornay sauce and are accompanied by tabasco hollandaise and tarragon aioli dipping sauces served in a toaster; and  Marie Antoinette’s Head-Let Them Eat Cake, a towering cotton candy pompadour, yesteryear candies, and a Bananas Foster- panna cotta shake. You can also have the classic Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all!!!, a rich chocolate ganache and dulce de leche tart, under a gold brick shell that is fired up with a blow-torch by your server, a graham cracker crust, soft meringue, and chocolate -feuilletine golden nuggets, “Will never come off the menu or else I will have a revolution,” says Weiss.

Barton G. is notorious for over the top presentations, making it the most Instagrammed restaurant in the world. Barton has his own in-house design and engineering team to create presentations from even his wildest dreams. The restaurants are redefining the art of being social amongst guests through conversations and interactions fueled by delight and amazement be they cocktails, appetizers, main courses or desserts.

The food used is organic, sustainable, and local for each individual market. Barton G. uses only the best resources – which is evident in the taste and execution of the cuisine. 

We don’t want to spoil all of the surprises but just be prepared for a carnival fun – house dining experience and be ready to thrill your friends with your Instagram story.Location:        Barton G, 1427 West Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida

Telephone:  305.672.8881 Website:


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