swineSwine Southern Table & Bar

Swine Southern Table and Bar, the award-winning southern eatery continues with its delectable 3-course Miami Spice menus for both lunch and supper, featuring seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients in dishes that showcase their signature Southern cuisine. Highlights on the menu include: Swine burger, pork chop and ribs, but you really can’t go wrong with any dish on the exceptional menu. Cocktails are a must! We highly recommend the Rosita- a one of a kind delight made with guava. For reservations visit: http://www.runpigrun.com.



B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale and S.T.O.P. Create a B Humane Beachfront Experience

The newly renovated B Ocean Resort situated directly on their own private section of the famous Fort Lauderdale beach will offer a once in a lifetime experience including a custom vacation available throughout sea turtle nesting season. Guests who purchase the package will be educated about the endangered sea turtles in a 4-hour “Turtle Trek,” a permitted activity of Sea Turtle Oversight Protection that is authorized by the FWCC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.) The unique adventure begins with a 30-minute educational program, where you’ll learn about the coastal habitat, the species of turtle that nest on Fort Lauderdale’s beaches, their life cycle and the natural and human-caused dangers that affect them. Next, rescue volunteers take guests on a journey to possibly see sea turtles hatch and emerge from their nests as they head to the ocean and begin their life. In addition to the eco-tour, the package will include 20% off daily rates, transportation to the Sea Turtle Oversight Protection headquarters, a sea turtle information kit and souvenir, as well as bottled water and a snack along the trail. Due to the late hour and nature of the program, it is not recommended for children under 6 years of age. To book, visit, http://www.bhotelsandresorts.com/b-ocean/modal/hatch-plan-b-humane.

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