The Palate: Juniper On the Water

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On April - 20 - 2016

juniperJuniper on the Water, a hidden gem located off of the Intracoastal Waterway, offers diners an unforgettable view and a unique ambience. Whether looking to hear great live music, catch a glimpse of the romantic Intracoastal waterfront, or enjoying the elegant dining room inside, Juniper on the Water will surpass all expectations.

About a year ago, owners Scott, Sho and Chris put their heads together and transformed an industry passion into reality. Juniper, meaning strength and “to bloom or flourish”, symbolizes the vision, heart and culinary passion combined by the owners.

Scott and Sho learned every aspect of the business by working there way up through all areas of the restaurant industry. After many years of experience in the hospitality field, Scott and Sho found themselves opening a restaurant to call their very own. “It really helps you learn when you start at the very bottom and learn from both the good and bad experiences,” says Scott.

The duo quickly crafted the idea and space for Juniper on the Water, and after 18 months of renovation, the restaurant opened its doors, emitting a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all. Juniper has a one-of-a-kind understated elegance, quite different from any other restaurant in the South Florida area. Besides the magnificent view, its upscale, Mediterranean influence adds the right touch of refinement, while its beach-like feel instantly helps diners feel at ease.

At Juniper on the Water, visitors can relax, whether bringing the family together for brunch or sipping cocktails on a night out with friends. The house favorite, the Seafood Paella, (toasted Israeli couscous, clams, mussels, shrimp, fresh fish fillet, chorizo, green peas, & roasted bell peppers) portrays a flavorful mix representing Junipers Mediterranean culture and is an absolute MUST. Other to die for items on the menu include the clams, the octopus and the lobster. “It’s not only about the quality of our food. We want our customers to feel the ambience, be provided with top tier service, and overall have an unforgettable experience,” states Sho.

More about the chef Sezer Deniz:

Loyal to his roots, Sezer Deniz is the Juniper head chef that is responsible for creating and executing the creatively directed menu. Born in Antalya Turkey, Sezer is well versed in Mediterranean cuisine. Inspired by his father, who is an executive chef in Turkey, Sezer pursued his passion for food and graduated as a valedictorian from Le Cordon Bleu. Sezer has spent a significant amount of time traveling and working in numerous five-star restaurants and hotels including Coya Miami. With his extensive traveling and work experience, Sezer has combined his experience and technique to create a diverse and multi-faceted culinary experience to those who visit Juniper on the Water.


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