An Electric Masquerade Ball

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On May - 23 - 2013


John Lermayer, Agustina Woodgate, DJ Jessica Who, and MC Zeale

John Lermayer, Agustina Woodgate, DJ Jessica Who, and MC Zeale

By:  Mary Jo Almeida-Shore   

Absolut X and Bloc Party

Last Thursday night, the line around the 70, 000 square-foot Soho Studios spanned the entire perimeter of the expansive space by the early hour of 9 p.m. It seemed like the thousands of revelers waiting peacefully in line had been camping out for days in anticipation of the Miami incarnation of the ABSOLUT® X Masquerade Ball (which started in Austin, Texas and will end in Philadelphia). The  average passerby might have asked, What are they giving away in there, cocktails, food, a free concert? In this case, the answer was a resounding, Yes! to all of the above.  For the masquerade ball, Absolut vodka collaborated  with Miami contemporary artist Agustina Woodgate, who looked beautiful in a sequined butterfly tunic, British indie rock band Bloc Party and world renowned and local favorite, mixologist John Lermayer to merge the worlds of art, cocktailing and music- for thousands of partygoers, for free! Now if that doesnt warrant waiting in line for a bit, what does?

Upon entering, guests were taken aback by the cool lighting, mirrored art installation above their heads and the sheer magnitude of the whole event. Models donning electric space suits and psychedelic make up gave those who werent already decked out in bizarre outfits and masks a mask to wear before venturing into the space to pose in the photo booth, imbibe in Absolut specialty cocktails and dance feverishly to the music of DJ Jessica Who, who spun from a platform atop the center bar. In the VIP area, waiters passed a bevy of hors doeuvres while favorite veteran mixologist, John Lermayer, formerly of the Florida Room and currently of the Regent Cocktail Club at the Gale, created his namesake cocktail.

There was almost too much to do before the actual concert started.  Besides talking and dancing with just about everyone we know, we added to the larger-than-life rainbow scratch wall created by Woodgate, (which will be donated and installed in a selected public space) and were transformed at the make-up bar where we got our own customized masks designed right on our faces.

At around 11 p.m. indie rock band, Bloc Party took the stage for an hour long concert, performing hits from their album, Four, forcing the already excited crowd into a frenzy, especially when tons of confetti poured from the ceiling.

All in all, Absolut X, Bloc Party, Woodgate and Lermayer created a transformative night filled with high energy and interactive art experiences. Working with the non-profit Architecture for Humanity, Woodgates finished art From Andy Warhol to Swedish House Mafia, ABSOLUT® VODKA has a long history of collaborating with and supporting cultural provocateurs. With the launch of ABSOLUT® X, the brand is challenging partygoers to transform their present and futures, creating a new reality where there are no rules. ABSOLUT® X will continue to ask What is your X? in Seattle, New York City and Philadelphia this summer. For more information visit





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