The Broken Shaker Needs No Fixing

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On February - 16 - 2012

By:  Mary Jo Almeida-Shore 

If Jeannie from the old I Dream of Jeannie series had an ornate little bar in that fabulous bottle of hers, we imagine it would resemble The Broken Shaker, the new pop-up bar at the quaint Indian Creek Hotel.  We are also fairly certain that she would never want to leave that bar, in fact, she would probably drag in Major Nelson, her evil brunette cousin and those nosy neighbors and they’d want to stay there too.  

The Broken Shaker is a collaborative effort between the Sydell Group’s Roy Alpert, formerly a consultant for the One Group and Ian Schrager’s Edition Brand, and Elad Svi and Gabriel Orta of the Bar Lab, who brought you masterfully created cocktails at the W South Beach Hotel’s Living Room. The trio physically created the Broken Shaker with their bare hands, designing and building the bar at back of the hotel.  They set out to create a bohemian speakeasy with a refined cocktail program at an accessible price point.  The result is one of the quaintest, liveliest bars this side of Paris, which serves up the most delicious drinks, made from the freshest and most authentic ingredients you’ll find anywhere with such attention to detail that even the ice is precisely cut to match each cocktail.  Oh, and the best part? Each drink costs only 11 bucks and the delicious light bites are reasonably priced as well. 

Alpert told the 411, “Our vision was to create a local destination where people could converse, enjoy great food and drink, play games, and hang out in a laid back unpretentious setting.”   Yet despite its casual door policy, the Broken Shaker attracts plenty of pretty people in the know, who gather to enjoy the eclectic ambience and music rarely found in Miami.   

Alpert also explained that The Broken Shaker is a preview of what is yet to come at the Indian Creek Hotel.  “We (Sydell Group) recently purchased the property and plan on repositioning the hotel into a premium hostel with shared accommodations and an expansive food and beverage program.” 

 Sadly, The Broken Shaker’s lifeline is much too short, six months short, so be sure to check it out before it’s gone, like Jeannie, in a puff of smoke. 


Cafeina Turns Two

One place that’s stood the test of time is our favorite Wynwood boite, Cafeina that celebrated its two-year anniversary on Saturday, February 11 in conjunction with Wynwood’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk. Over the past two years, owner Ivette Naranjo has kept the place lively and interesting, with specialty nights and promotions, cutting edge DJs and occasional menu overhauls.   Over a 1,000 guests joined Naranjo for the milestone for which DJ Supersede was on hand to keep guests dancing as they got their first glimpse at Cafeina’s new outdoor space, the Rouge Garden, which is an intimate extension of the main lounge. Cafeina also introduced a redesigned menu, featuring new plates by Executive Chef Luis Vargas such as plantain baskets, pork tenderloin medallions, and shrimp kebabs; and a new tropically inspired cocktail list.



Beg for Mercy 

Should you visit The Broken Shaker and/or Cafeina to enjoy more than a “recommended” share of cocktails, consider packing a can of Mercy® a new caffeine-free and naturally flavored, functional beverage that helps to prevent hangovers. The creators of this party/after-party companion boast that it is a “miracle in a can,” and can “prevent hangovers, detoxify the body, boost the immune system, alleviate alcohol flush and replenish key nutrients.”  It’s all actually pretty scientific, as Mercy is comprised of a kajillion vitamins and a billion grams of each of those (don’t quote us on these figures). 

On a serious note, Mercy is a custom blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins, formulated to replenish key nutrients and jump-start the body’s natural defenses, helping stave off dreaded hangover symptoms like headache and nausea. It is also the only hangover-prevention drink that contains B1, a vitamin proven to help offset alcohol’s negative effects- including liver damage! We are NOT making this up- we have actually researched this. 

Mixed with alcohol or served on its own, Mercy helps neutralize the dangerous alcohol by-product acetaldehyde and unlike many other functional beverages, Mercy is cold-filled and canned, which preserves the drink’s vitamins and nutrients by shielding them from heat and light. Each 8.4-ounce can of Mercy consumed during a night out, will counter the after-effects of up to five alcoholic beverages.  If you drink more than that, well, we are guessing a mere hangover is NOT your biggest problem.  With only 60 calories per can, Mercy appeals to health-and weight-conscious consumers and it actually tastes kind of like ginger ale. Mercy is available in select bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels in major cities and via


Michael Capponi and Alexandra Genis’  Housewarming

Swiss Army Knife of business, entertainment and philanthropy, Michael Capponi and his gorgeous girlfriend Alexandra Genis threw a housewarming party on Saturday night at their new home on Hibiscus Island for a very select group of friends and business associates. 

Guests including Kenneth J. Gross, Ceo of Capponi Construction Group, Wilhelmina Director Erin Lucas, Billy Dean, National Hotel owner Delphine Dray, Hollywood Beach Developer Moses Bensusan, Rich Santelises , Dr. Lenny Roudner, David Kennedy, George Wallner, Malinka Max,Paul Kasdas, Richard Postrel, Reza Bundy and guru Don Rosenthal enjoyed barbecued delights and top shelf cocktails and champagne while touring the beautiful waterfront home.  Billy Dean, with whom Capponi is building his mega estate on Pinetree Drive arrived on his yacht, The Moksha  and brought his two huge pooches, Shredder and Splinter, who frolicked with Capponi and Genis’ adorable new puppy named Chance. Many guests gathered on The Moksha before heading to LIV for Capponi’s big, weekly Saturday night party.  For more information about Michael Capponi and his latest projects visit:

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