Fado: Your New Craic House in Brickell

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On July - 5 - 2011

fadoNew on the Brickell scene is Fadó Irish Pub & Restaurant, (pronounced F’doe) a large, gorgeous, cavernous space manufactured in Dublin and built and installed by a team of Irish craftsmen. How’s that for authentic? The name means “long ago” as the owners strive to provide the typical atmosphere and grub of the neighborhood Irish pub- a central element to the Irish culture. 

While Fadó is new to us, it has 13 sister restaurants throughout the country.  The concept and structure are authentic but not cramped- with five different event spaces to meet guests varying purposes:  from clubbing to watching sports or enjoying a perfect pint at the bar.  

The menu extends beyond your typical Irish fare to include delicious burgers, salads and Phillies.  Try the blackened chicken and shrimp boxty, Guinness BBQ hot wings, Bangers and Mash, shepherd’s pie and cheese dip and wedges. Wash it all down with your favorite Irish beer. 

But what Fado serves up best of all, is good ol’ fashioned, certified pure Irish craic, which means “fun” (put the pipe away!).  So grab a buddy, a pint, and some bites, and let the craic roll!

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