Boogie Fever

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On June - 16 - 2011

Gerry Kelly and guests celebrate

By:  Mary Jo Almeida-Shore

Of the decades to which we wish we could time travel on a regular basis, the 1970s tops the list, specifically the halcyon days of Studio 54.  Last Saturday night, we got our birthday wish, thanks to the creative genius of nightlife guru Gerry Kelly who threw a Studio 54 Disco birthday extravaganza at Trio on the Bay, which he graciously shared with his faux, Gemini wonder twin- yours truly. All we can say is that this party was a Disco-heavenly, dance-until-you-can’t-walk, sweat-right-through-your-polyester-leopard-jumpsuit, in-traction-the-next-day, Rolling on the Floor –LITERALLY, Did-that-really-happen?-  kind of night! Truly unparalleled with regards to pure, unadulterated dancing fun!  Over 1,500 guests filled the enormous space and vast outdoor area, at Kelly’s latest nightlife venture, to delight in outrageous performances and an ambience that can only be created by a master of nightlife, such as Kelly, whose nightlife resume includes seven years in Ibiza managing Pacha and fifteen years on South Beach overseeing legendary clubs such as Bash, Shadow Lounge, Bar Room (our favorite club of all time) and Level, which like Kelly himself, was noted for its flamboyance, splendor and memorable productions. Kelly, who sported an 18th century style reproduction of the Royal Guard costume and arrived in a white stretch Hummer limo (how’s THAT for flair?) recreated the theatrical and eccentric atmosphere of Studio 54 – models greeted guests in ornate feathered costumes designed and created by the Juan Pablo Collection, Disco balls hung from the ceiling, painted signs lined the walls, and guests added to the décor-with their own 1970s accents:  sequins, glitter, afros, chains, bell-bottoms, hats, platforms, feathers…you name it! One of the evening’s highlights was when Donna Summer’s Macarthur Park blared through the speakers and a host of performers acted out the words to the song.  We’re talking live, human trees, roller skaters and giant butterflies- right down to a model dressed as a giant cake- the one left out in the rain- get it? For this year’s Studio 54 extravaganza,   the stage shows and performances were choreographed and produced by renowned executive show producer, Pamela Canellas from Hot Jam Entertainment. Guests enjoyed Beluga vodka and danced non-stop to the music of Superstar DJs, including Florida Marlins’ own DJ Vertigo, DJs Sammy O and David Solero and special guest Victor Rosado direct from Studio 54 with DJ NYX from Brazil. 

Gerry Kelly commented, “This year’s birthday party was magical. It was by far the most enjoyable in many years. Many of the guests dined first and partied afterwards and the setting was breathtaking. The highlight of my evening was having Hugh Rodham (Hillary Clinton’s brother) pick me up at home.  I still can’t get over the amazing production of Donna Summer’s Macarthur Park.” 

As for the rest of us, we are still in recovery and in search of some plutonium for the DeLorean. In the meantime, we are polishing our Flux Capacitor, and hoping for lightning.





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