La Fee Verte

Posted by Mary Jo Almeida-Shore On July - 9 - 2010
La Fee Vert-Evelyn Lozada,Marnie Howard, Angel Schmiedt

Evelyn Lozada, Marnie Howard, and Angel Schmiedt

Tucked away in an unsuspecting little strip mall in the quiet, charming North Beach neighborhood is La Fee Verte (French for “the green fairy”) South Florida’s first burlesque/absinthe club.  While the average passerby on his way to one of the many quaint neighboring restaurants would probably not even notice the place, which has only a makeshift sign above the door, those with a palate for racy adventures know exactly where they’re going.

The space is tiny, yet ornate and classy, with bright red couches and banquettes and wall-to-wall paintings depicting erotic (yet tasteful) scenes. Upon entering, what is most striking, aside from the enormous chandelier, are the numerous contraptions, including ropes, scarves, and swing suspended from the ceiling- that signal-almost immediately, that you are in for one heck of a night. The entertainment includes seductive burlesque shows every half hour or so throughout the evening, during which gorgeous, scantily-dressed dancers perform atop/around/within the aforementioned contraptions.

Our favorite show featured a woman, dressed in a skin-toned, bedazzled body suit, performing inside what can best be described as an orange slinky, flanked by hula hoops.  She even did the maneuver you used to see on the commercials (which never actually worked) wherein the slinky would “walk” down the stairs from end to end. (We are not making this up! Watch the video below).  And while most of us would have found ourselves trapped and suffocating in the giant, orange slinky, flailing on the ground and begging someone to “cut us out,” the dancer appeared graceful and unharmed throughout the entire performance. Not since Dita Von Teese straddled that gigantic, mechanical MAC lipstick at the Delano during Art Basel a few years back, have we been entertained in quite this way.


Last Friday night, La Fee Verte celebrated the premiere of its monthly soirée Stiletto Mafia with hosts, fashion photographers, Navid and Antoine Verglas, the club’s owners and Jose Ortiz, the club’s creative consultant and event specialist. July’s Stiletto Mafia fêted four of Miami’s most stylish ladies, including fashion editor and stylist Jessica Bosch; VH1’s Basketball Wives reality star and Dulce boutique owner Evelyn Lozada; fashion editor of Florida International Magazine, Jilian Sanz and socialite, designer and creative director of Donald Pliner shoes, Lisa Pliner. Each hostess (with the exception of Pliner, who was unable to attend) – dressed to the nines and with very chic heels – held court at her table, mingling with friends and admiring the club’s seductive burlesque shows. All guests enjoyed La Fee Verte’s absinthe-based signature cocktails and danced the night away to the beats of local stylish DJ duo Ess & Emm.

“La Fee Verte is a great venue to celebrate those who mold fashion in this city,” mused Jilian Sanz, “after all, burlesque dancers are similar to fashion industry professionals-both revel in the idea of getting the job done in the most perfect costume.  Is there any other way?”

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