The Ruby “Coin-ed”: Roberto Coin

Posted by Maryanne Salvat On April - 20 - 2010

Roberto Coin

We recently had an opportunity to meet and interview Roberto Coin at a “meet and greet” event hosted by Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Roberto Coin is synonymous with uniqueness, style and beauty. The elegance of Coin’s chic creations is attributed to his Italian heritage.  According to Coin, “Italians were the original architects, artists, painters; we designed the jewels for the monarchs”.  Coin is as passionate about life and learning, as he is about his jewelry.  Confessing that he is an avid “people watcher”, he enjoys human interaction and reaction.  The main focus of each line is to create an “emotional act to satisfy sentiments, reward oneself, to create happiness and memorable moments.”    His distinctive style conjures up the past and “creates happy memorable moments”.

 In 1996, Roberto Coin adopted the ruby as his signature, setting the precious stone inside each piece of his jewelry collection. The legend of the ruby is quite romantic; Egyptians believed that wearing it near their skin would promote a long, healthy and happy life.  Burmese warriors inserted rubies into their skin to protect them in battle, and women in ancient times used it to promote fertility, banish evil thoughts and reconcile disputes.

 The Roberto Coin line introduces 400 to 600 new models every year, continuously reinventing his “one of a kind” jewelry.  You can find his line exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue by clicking:

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